Welcome to Mankoya's Kennel

Welcome to Mankoya's Kennel


News 2013Posted by Birgitta 03 Nov, 2013 14:16:20

Mankoya's Incredible Ike by Gambo got his Swedish Championtitle at Växjö international show on 2nd November 2013. Ike is 26 months old. :)

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Jolly-litter 6,5 weeks old

News 2013Posted by Birgitta 29 Sep, 2013 23:11:16
Puppies in the late September sun!

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Waiting for breakfast

News 2013Posted by Birgitta 28 Sep, 2013 14:35:15

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Jolly-litter 6 weeks old

News 2013Posted by Birgitta 25 Sep, 2013 18:48:39

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News 2013Posted by Birgitta 21 Sep, 2013 20:15:06
Jolly-puppies 5,5 weeks old

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puppies outdoor for the first time!

News 2013Posted by Birgitta 10 Sep, 2013 20:22:14

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News 2013Posted by Birgitta 07 Sep, 2013 19:09:19
Jolly-litter 25 days old. All puppies are doing well and eat with enormous appetite.

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Inka's puppies 11 days old

News 2013Posted by Birgitta 24 Aug, 2013 23:25:04
There are now 12 wonderful puppies. At the age of 6 days, one malepuppy had to be put asleep as he was weak and did not gain weight. Luckily Inka has a lot of milk and manages to feed them all without any problems.

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Mankoya's Jolly-litter

News 2013Posted by Birgitta 13 Aug, 2013 21:25:10
Today on August 13, 2013, Inka gave birth to 13 beautiful puppies, 5 males and 8 bitches. I can hardly believe it, the result so far seems very promising: no ridgefaults, no kinkitails and all puppies with ridge. I am very very happy that everything went on so well. Thank you Markus for letting me choose your Dakari "Goldie" to be father of Inkas puppies smiley

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exciting news!!

News 2013Posted by Birgitta 10 Jul, 2013 12:11:31

Inka is confirmed in welp by ultrasound today!!!!!!!
We are very happy and look forward to this exciting combination!!!!
Puppies are due to 13-14 August!!! If you are interested in a puppy from this combination please contact me on +46(0)706632335 or +46(0)19 222568

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2013 so far

News 2013Posted by Marie 11 Apr, 2013 10:34:54

On the 6th of April Lovely sweet Inka turned 5 years old !!!

10 of March we were at SKK int show Strängnäs and got some nice results:

- Mankoya's Incredible Ike by Gambo was 2:nd in intermediate class with excellent.
- Kangelani's Impressive Inka won championclass with exc, CK, CACIB and at last 2:nd best bitch!!!!


5th of January Ike CAC, CACIB, BOS on My Dog

Mankoya's Incredible Ike by Gambo's results at the int show My Dog in Gothenburg:
First place intermediate class and CAC, CACIB, BOS. Very proud over these nice results!!!!! Judge was Valdez Valdes Gabrie, Colombia

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